What we do

We create carefully designed, cutting edge business software that helps your business to grow and strive. With our sotware you can increase performance, save money and time. 

Our Services

Software development

We have more than 15 years experience in creating desktop, and web applications and software. Our experience is the guarantee. We don't just write software, we understand your needs and provide tailored solutions that meet your requirements. 

Software Strategy

Software strategy is something that businesses often don't think about. Short, mid and long term software strategy is essential for any business. Investing money and time in software solutions require careful planning. 

Website development

A website is the face of your business. A website should be beautiful, informative, and easy to use. We also make sure your website is safe, secure and runs flawlessly on any mobile and desktop devices. We provide tailored website solutions.

UX design

Software and websites need carefully designed user interface. The user interface is the face of your business. User interfaces must be easy to use for anyone without training, and beautiful to look at. We love creating user interfaces. 

Graphic design

Creating software is not just coding. Software need graphic elements, pictures, artwork and colour palette. We create pixel perfect imaginery for the software we make. Softare and design go hand in hand. We love both. 


Branding has a special place in our heart, branding is something that we take very seriously. Branding represents your business, your idea, your vision. Our professionals are one of the bests in this field. 

Full digital packages

What is a digital package? It offers everything that your company might need. Webite, mobile app (iOS or Android), custom software and graphic design. Since we work on the full solution, it will be consistent, professional, and easy to edit, maintain or change, as the whole digital unit works together. 

How much?

We don't use set prices. We would like to talk to you first. Understanding your concept, your vision is essential. Once we are familiar with the basics, we are able to give you a proper quote. 

Custom software development

Custom software development includes software design, development, testing and deployment. It also incudes sessions where we we interact with our clients directly to help understanding their needs and vision. We quote the price once we have understood what you need. 

Custom website development

We have made beautiful websites employing our years worth of knowledge and experience. Our website solutions include graphic design, collecting cusomer requirements, software design and everything that make a website perfect

Branding & graphic design

Branding and graphic design require complex work and solutions. They go hand in hand. Our team cosnists of diverse talened individuals from all around the world. We create beautiful design and imaginery. 

Individual Solutions

In case you want something unique, we ar here to work with you on the project. Please contact us and let's talk. We love working on challenging projects.